Sustainability is not just a goal

Over two decades ago, PVG Liquids began its journey in Gent, Belgium. Since then, we've undergone significant transformations, particularly in our commitment to operational efficiency and ecological responsibility. In 2006, we initiated efforts to reduce our ecological footprint, marking a pivotal moment in our sustainability journey.

In 2009, we made a significant shift by transitioning from polyethylene (PE) to polyethylene terephthalate (PET) for our standard 20-litre jerricans used in distributing heating fuel. This change not only reduced our plastic consumption substantially but also streamlined our logistics and freed up valuable space within our facilities.

One standout achievement was making our PET jerrycans stackable—a challenge that skeptics warned against due to the need for an exceptionally strong base. However, we persevered and succeeded. The outcome? Significant gains in storage efficiency, reduced transport costs, and minimized environmental impact with fewer trucks on the roads.

Solar Impulse Label

Our commitment to sustainability was recognized in 2021 when the Solar Impulse Foundation awarded PVG Liquids the 'Efficient Solution Label' for our innovative packaging design. Since 2008, we've reduced our plastic usage by over 15 million kilograms, enabling trucks to transport 15% more products per journey—resulting in 600 fewer trucks on the roads annually.

Towards a more responsible future

Looking ahead, we continue to prioritize sustainability at PVG Liquids. One ongoing project targets optimizing our logistics, particularly during peak seasons, by automating loading procedures and integrating multilingual support for drivers.

"Sustainability is our foremost priority," affirms our CEO, Ms. Gehre. "We leave no stone unturned in exploring avenues to reduce our ecological impact. From embracing intermodal transport to considering solar energy integration, every step counts towards our goal."

We've also redesigned our pallets to be 10% lighter, contributing to our sustainability objectives. Crucially, we are committed to transitioning away from fossil fuels, gradually adopting hybrid fuels and aspiring to become Western Europe's most sustainable filling hub.

At PVG Liquids, sustainability isn't just a goal—it's our driving force towards a greener, more responsible future.