About us

Discover the world of PVG Liquids

PVG Liquids is part of the PVG Group, an international trading company where we're dedicated to keeping you comfortable with a range of climate control solutions. 
Headquartered in Oss, Netherlands, we oversee everything from purchasing and marketing to distribution and sales of products that enhance your living environment, including mobile and electric heaters, air conditioners, and (de)humidifiers.

Our own factory

Back in the late 1990s, the PVG Group faced a rapid growth in demand for mobile heaters, prompting us to take decisive action. Recognizing the importance of securing the right fuels at the right price and quality, we made a bold move by establishing our own blending and bottling factory. Located in the vibrant port of Ghent, now part of North Sea Port, this strategic choice offered us optimal accessibility and distribution capabilities, especially to key markets like France, Italy, and Spain.

Since 1999, our 12,000 m² bottling and distribution center has been operational, strategically positioned next to the Gadot tank terminal for seamless offloading and processing of products. Our strong partnership with Gadot is a cornerstone of our ship-to-shop approach, ensuring efficiency and reliability in meeting our customers' needs.

Today, PVG Liquids is powered by a dedicated team of thirty professionals working in two shifts. Our facility boasts its own tank park with eleven 60 m³ tanks and a warehouse capable of storing 10,000 pallets stacked six high, enabling us to serve you efficiently and effectively.

Important developments

In recent years, we've spearheaded significant developments within the PVG Group. 
We are proud to be ISO 9001 certified, ensuring that our quality management systems consistently meet customer expectations and international standards. This certification demonstrates our commitment to continuous improvement and customer satisfaction."

Our plant has seen remarkable growth, allowing us to enhance our production capabilities without expanding our physical footprint. Melissa Verbeke, our commercial manager, proudly highlights our six filling lines, with four highly automated lines dedicated to packaging our heating fuel in 20-litre jerricans. The remaining two lines offer flexibility, catering to consumer markets with products ranging from one to twenty litres, as well as drums and IBCs (from sixty to a thousand litres). Our most recent addition, a state-of-the-art filling line for drums and IBCs, was installed just last year, boosting our total bottling capacity to over 200 million litres annually – more than doubling since 2009. Today, about 70% of our output is destined for export markets, including expanding opportunities in Scandinavia.


At PVG Liquids, our focus is clear. We specialize in the production, packaging, labeling, and distribution of fuels for portable heaters, adhering to the highest quality standards. In 2021, we surpassed the 100 million litres mark in this sector alone. Beyond heating fuels, we've diversified our portfolio to include lubricants, ethanol, AdBlue, white spirit, and private label liquids, offering the same exceptional services. 
During challenging times like the COVID-19 crisis, our agility shines through. We responded swiftly to demands, producing hand sanitizer within a week – a testament to our flexibility and commitment to meeting market needs.

Our ambitions for the future

Our ambitions for the future

Sustainability is integral to our mission. Ms. Gehre, our CEO, emphasizes our dedication to exploring every avenue to minimize our ecological footprint. From optimizing transport logistics to leveraging solar energy and developing hybrid fuels, we're actively advancing towards a more sustainable future. Our ambition is clear: to become the most sustainable filling hub in Western Europe.

Join us on this journey of innovation and sustainability at PVG Liquids, where we're redefining industry standards while staying true to our commitment to quality and environmental stewardship.